Kia ora

Kia ora

I’ve really enjoyed running the workshops in Mangere Arts Centre, Howick and Manurewa libraries. Everytime I run a class I learn something new, and this time it’s been how there are people who are passionate about their reading and writing and who are willing to commit their feelings to the page.

A couple of times I’ve been asked to critique new work at the free workshops. While we do this in our workshop process so that everyone who participates gets to improve their new writing in the drafting process, for a fresh draft in a brand new workshop I step back from that as we want to stay open to creative possibilities–to be judgmental right from the beginning of a new work might stymie its development.

More soon on the creative writing process and the workshops we’re running.

Best, Robert

About Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan has written seven collections of poetry, coedited two anthologies of Polynesian poetry, written a retelling of Maori myths and legends for children called WEAVING EARTH AND SKY illustrated by Gavin Bishop, and a graphic novel MAUI LEGENDS OF THE OUTCAST illustrated by Chris Slane. He has won several NZ book awards, and had writers' residencies at the University of Auckland and the University of Hawai'i. As well as teaching, he directed the creative writing program at the University of Hawaii.
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